Ultra Top 5 things you must do during your marathon training days

You are a runner and love running!! perfect!!

Now, post the COVID lockdown and restrictions for moving around, most of you are chasing your TT for 10k, half, or full marathon plans, up to the end of the year.

You probably have moved away from Reconstructing your Foundation for this season, and, started to pile up mileages, running in different intensities, and working on strength training, primarily focusing on maintaining the strength/endurance you have built during the past few months.

Running and improving your performance parameters have become your primary focus.

While this may be exciting – I want you to pay close attention to the following. By developing patience one can solve any complex puzzle.

Ultra Top 5 things you must do during your marathon training days

  1. Stretch & roll: Regularly stretch & foam roll (or use tennis ball): Hip Flexors, Glutes, Lower Back, Quads, TFL (IT band). Work on hip & ankle mobility exercises
  2. Listen to your body & have patience: Watch for fatigue during the day and your sleep pattern – discuss with me if you find any abnormalities. Take breaks for a day or 2; it will only help you bounce back and get better. Respect your shut down and foundation days – connect back with your foundation. Watch for pain symptoms and niggles, aggressively treat them, and develop an attitude to bring the best attention. Do not ignore the warning signals. Just because you are getting more comfortable with your intensities/volume doesn’t mean the training plan will have to be tweaked. Your plan will remain the same.
  3. Connect with your coach: Your marathon plan is not cast in stone and might require some nurturing. Engage with your coach and send updates regularly. Once in 2 weeks, plan for a call and, discuss your progress, take help in tweaking the plan if required.
  4. Do not ignore your health & safety: Your Health is absolutely important. If you already have a weight management goal (fat loss), that must be taken up on priority- eat responsibly since exercise alone will not bring down your weight. The COVID is very much around and, you must continue to take all sorts of precautions.
  5. Meditate, eat clean, stay away from stress sources: Focus on a clean, lean & wholesome diet – remember when you run in volumes, good carbs are your friends, drink adequate water. Tracking gadgets and devices should be used to learn something more about your progress and, to teach you something but never allow them to stress you out

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