Top 5 ways you can go to bed and sleep like a baby

Whenever I see my son or daughter dozing off instantly, I instantly reminded of my own childhood days. I’m also reminded, sometimes, of the happy or random nightmarish dreams I ended up sharing with my parents every single day. A good quality sleep always brought a refreshing day in my life.

How can I have a stressfree and deep sleeping routine like my children? This question was always bothering me and I decided to find what others were doing.

Every living creature needs to sleep. It is the primary activity of the brain during early development [1]Children and Sleep,

If you are a regular runner or sports person this research outcome is absolutely important to note. A study showed sleep improves the ability of some of our immune cells to work better, helping us kill off viruses before they turn into full-blown illnesses. Simply put, as we sleep, our bodies become more efficient at cleaning the house. And stressing out actually makes those same immune cells work less. [2]s-coupled receptor signaling and sleep regulate integrin activation of human antigen-specific T cells

Source: IdeaFit, Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker PhD – 2017
Source: Ideafit, Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker PhD – 2017

How do you go to bed every day? share your typical evening and bedtime routine?

When I asked this question to my KaysFIT Academy runners and a few other friends, I instantly received responses from them. Very interestingly, most of them appeared to have mastered their healthy sleep routines.

However, a bunch of others continue to have few modern-day struggles including and not limited to work, business, house chores, family commitments, late-night snacking or binge eating, television, and social media, phone screen time, stress factors, etc.,

Everyone acknowledged that they tend to be drained and irritated on those days when their sleep was inadequate.

Spending a third of our lives horizontal, hallucinating, and paralyzed may sound like something from a scary sci-fi movie—but, in reality, these are good things. It’s all about sleep, and getting enough of it is essential. [3]You are how you sleep: The cost of sleep deprivation

Combining all their inputs, along with my own experience and some research to back, here are the top 5 ways you can go to bed and sleep like a baby.

  1. Plan to wind down early, master time management
    • If you commute to work every day, well, your family loves to see you back home soon. Its time to help the rest of the family. I love to help my wife in assisting her in the kitchen by doing simple things like cleaning up or cutting vegetables or helping my children with their homework. On some occasions, I cook
    • If you are a homemaker or working from home, ensure you start winding down slowly. Your body must prepare well for a night of good night’s sleep.
    • I’ve seen many women struggle to find their time and they take shoulder a huge amount of responsibilities at home. Discuss your difficulties with your family members and ask them to up responsibilities to give back your well deserved time.
  2. Spend time with your spouse, family & children
    • Turn it off: This is the most important time (also the best time to turn off the WIFI or mobile network)… at my home most things happened during the day gets discussed.
    • Listen to their stories, share yours: I love the way my wife Meera engages with the kids, and give ears to them every single day.  Young children usually have a lot to share (trouble starts the day when they say ‘nothing’ has happened :)).
    • Talk to your parents: My dad always wanted to know more about my day and also enjoyed sharing his day with me. Do remember to call your Mom and Dad if you are staying away, no matter how old we are, our parents love to hear from us.
  3. Have an early & healthy dinner
    • Dinner times are best enjoyed with the family. Hence, keep it healthy and light. 6 years back we have switched to soups and we still continue to do that. Growing children require more healthy carbs, protein, and fats and help them with some extra healthier solids to fill their appetite.
    • Make a simple rule for dinner time. Keep digital devices and books away, lead by example.
    • The second rule that has been working exceptionally well at my home is that the food cooked at home must be eaten without a single complaint.
  4. Preferably 2 hrs after dinner: Nurture your body
    • Learn how to foam roll & do some mild stretches to relax those muscles.
    • I brush my teeth for the second time and even floss them, take a relaxing shower.
    • On most of the days, Meera and I step out for a 20 mins walk. It is a nice way to unwind and we end up discussing a lot of positive ideas.
  5. Finally, its time to hit the bed: You can read a book, listen to soft and melodious music, offer prayers, smile & thank, whoever it is, for giving you a great day!

Do you struggle to stay alert at work, at home—and maybe even at the wheel? If you’re not spending enough time in slumberland these days, discover how you can sleep better and longer with these strategies from Terrie Heinrich Rizzo read more here… Sleep matters: [4]Sleep matters:

I take efforts in practicing most of these habits, if not everything, every single day to ensure a sound 7-8 hrs of quality sleep is achieved. I do make exceptions on a few days when my work demands, or even on some days, I watch a movie with my family. I don’t feel guilty about it since most of the days my schedule is very much under control.

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