Top 5 secrets only runners will know

Everyone has secrets and very interestingly all runners share some interesting yet common secrets. I found it very funny when for the first time one of my innermost secrets was found to be a deep secret of another person who happened to be another runner.

  1. I hate to know whenever I can’t run due to an injury or hit by a travel schedule where there is no opportunity for me to run. Shhhhh… I act as if I’m cool about it in front of others.
  2. At least once, I’ve urinated or pottied in a public place while running a marathon. Shhhhh… I don’t like to talk about it.
  3. As a runner, I had cried many times while approaching the finish line whenever I ran a very fast race. The distance doesn’t matter. When I’m in a totally elated state the joy of running and achieving culminates and I end up crying. Shhhhh… such moments are very close to my heart and I don’t think I ever discussed it.
  4. As a runner, I have certain quirks. Almost every time I start running in the clockwise direction around my apartment building and I hate to reverse the direction of running. I also enjoy running away from my home rather than running towards my home. Lastly, I imagine I’m extracting the power from nature whenever I’m running an ultramarathon, by either touching a tree or even carrying a branch of leaves with me. Shhhhh…. they are absolutely a no-no for public discussion.
  5. I really don’t like to see my friends or family members just showing up the doorstep when I’m about to go for a running session. Even though I’m smiling and hospitable, inside me, I’m cursing their presence. Shhhhh…. if you have visited my home and happened to have interrupted my running time, then you know what I was thinking.

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    1. Thank you Dr. Magesh, glad you found this interesting, I lived in Singapore for 2 years, but in my thirties and beyond, grew up watching a lot of Hollywood movies 🙂

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