Top 5 reasons to RECONSTRUCT your running foundation

Since 2011, when I began my running journey as a recreational runner, the initial few years were like a roller coaster ride for me.  I was getting better with my running skills and at the same time had my own downtimes due to regular aches and niggles. 

Whenever I tried to go faster or longer, I picked up new issues and I fixed one and I picked another one.  When I ignored them, they grew into huge pain monsters and, pushed me back in time. It was like hopping on to the backward traveling time-machine.   Hey, we all fight back, don’t you agree?

But over time I had realized the value of having a solid fitness foundation.  I have been helping many of my Academy members to avoid injuries by focusing on a holistic and scientifically backed training approaches.

The hardest truth is that just by increasing your mileage or running faster, longer, or having an expensive training plan can make you faster or go longer if you ignore the aspects of fixing the foundation

In September 2019, I launched the reconstruct the foundation for the first time for my academy members in our first annual meet in Yercaud. The practical program with simple exercises and drills was well-received. It also turned out to be an interesting learning experience for me personally.

Reconstruct the foundation, 2 days practical workshop at Yercaud, KaysFIT Academy members

P.S I ran my fastest half marathon in 2018, 1:41 (my first half was 2:03), in 2019 ran my fastest 10k in 45 mins (my first 10k was 70 mins) and in 2019 my fastest full marathon in 3:51 (and my first FM was 4:54).  I have run more than 60+ marathon distances and 20+ ultra-marathons including the Comrades & my first ever 100-mile race.

Coach Kay, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Running & Ultramarathon coach

Top 5 ways reasons to reconstruct your running foundation

  1. Running injuries are common: About 85% of runners get injured at some point in their running life, and there are various reasons associated with this.  (Learn about UltraTop5 things about running injuries) 
  2. Reasons are many: Over-training is one of the primary reasons, lack of strength & stability are among the main contributing reasons for many kinds of injuries not limited to runners knee, IT band syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, calf/Achilles strain, shin splints, etc..  Many runners also deal with a range of motion-related issues that limit their running economy and efficiency. 
  3. The solution is crystal clear: Interestingly all these issues can be fixed by improving the foundation upon which their running life was formed. Developing a strong awareness about the need for it is, in my opinion, extremely important too.
  4. Reconstruct the foundation, start right away: Just imagine if you can take a step back, leverage the next 31 days simply rebuilding your foundation before the running season begins again, and running outdoors becomes possible. Having a super solid strong foundation is going to be exceptionally beneficial when you resume your regular training. These exercises, I believe, must become an integral part of your training as you progress further.
  5. Step back and launch forward: The primary motivation for me to come up with reconstructing the foundation is to help runners like you to develop awareness about the importance of focusing on all aspects of their body to improve stability, balance, strength & coordination. You will understand the power of taking a step backward to go multiple steps forwards as far as your running goals are concerned. One month is such a small investment but the learnings are going to stay with you for life long.  Lastly, I’ve carefully designed this package to make it a rewarding and interesting learning opportunity for you.  Visit my Academy site to learn more and grab the other offers too…

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