Ultra Top 5 reasons that pushed me to love mindmaps – project management

I’ve used a mind map to organize my thoughts for this blog.

Let us talk about RED at the bottom of this blog.

Mind Mapping techniques and software to create mind maps certainly helped me in becoming a better organizer. My computer contains over 1000+ mind map files created by me since 2016. I’m very positive and confident about plunging into an unknown area to learn more about it – all by using mind mapping techniques. I also use mind mapping as a way to organize my thoughts before writing blogs. Even this blog was written after spending about 15 mins in deciding how I had to structure my thoughts.

Ultra Top 5 reasons that pushed me to love mindmaps

  1. The year 2006: The demand to generate more ideas:  I joined Siemens Industry Software back in 2006 as a technical training manager. Within 2 years, I moved on to leading the Competency Center.   The offshore delivery organization was set up from the ground up, and my responsibility was to develop the next level consultants, solution architects, and project managers. I was also laying the foundation for offshore engagement processes, competency & and collaboratively building knowledge management systems. I was so happy to explore these new areas under the guidance of my manager David. At that time, my role demanded generating fresh ideas and convincing the management team & the rest of the staff about their effectiveness and, once chosen, implementing them. 
  2. The year 2010: The need to manage multiple things:  In 2008, I moved on to become the Delivery Manager for the Siemens Global Account & then the EMEA zone projects. Every engagement demanded so many things to do. Write from sending emails, writing proposals, meetings, minutes, followups, meeting deadlines, managing risks & issues, motivating my team, resolving conflicts, delivery timelines… my work was always filled with so many moving parts. Due to my nature of trying to be perfect in everything, I badly wanted something that would act as a mini-control center, with a clear dashboard to monitor everything happening in many places.
  3. The year 2012 & beyond: The satisfaction of decluttering: I seemed to have developed an interest in fixing issues and solving problems. As I grew older, my work and personal life demanded me to focus on being organized. My ultramarathon & self-development goals, household chores, relationships, investments, work-related commitments, project engagements… I certainly wanted a single tool that will give me a Macro and a Micro view on things. I started progressing from using post-it notes, written diaries, notepads, Microsoft One Note, even at times using Microsoft Project Plan. There were multiple tools I was using and never found one single tool that would give me everything that I wanted
  4. The year 2016: The need for bringing a structure to the complexities. I founded KaysFIT Academy in 2016 and, as a coach, it is my responsibility to pay close attention to what my client says during the first-ever discovery call or a review meeting at a regular interval. The structure for the conversation involves a lot of open-ended questions to help discover the clients, identify the behavioral goals, and, to finally decide their training approach. I enjoy writing blogs and create content for all my websites.
  5. The year 2018 & now: Sports event management is solving a complex puzzle:  BAMA was the first-ever professional badminton master’s event I directed. Directing an ultramarathon event like the OOTYULTRA  & Bison Ultra requires so many functions to be integrated. Right from the idea of what the event can deliver, to the arranging everything in a logical sequence to engage with the runners, sponsors, partners, volunteers, etc., The complexities and stakes are high with over 1000 participants arriving and to take care of their hospitality, safety, route management, permissions, food & hydration planning, expo & race day setup, vehicles, etc., it is a very complex job. The year 2020, put me in a more challenging spot. With the COVID-19 striking, directing ALERTATHON 2020 completely as a Global Virtual event added a lot more challenges.

I admire the way our mind is capable of processing information. At the beginning of the blog, you went past the word RED.

Can you recollect what went through your mind?

What is your mind thinking at this moment about the word RED? are you thinking about blood, the vegetable beet, the dress that you are wearing, the traffic signal, or the danger warning? or even associating with good luck, the Chinese way?. Did you just notice how our mind exploded in all the directions without any control? Is there a way you can capture the thoughts in a pictorial or written form?

the answer is yes!! and Mind Mapping is all about that.

Just imagine if we all can learn and also help our children learn the techniques? We will be gifting them a beautiful tool that they will end up using throughout their lifetime. Interested?

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